RC Mosman started working in Myanmar in 2000, and have various projects including  Hand Surgery, Heart Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and now wheelchairs for Children. 160 wheelchairs made especially for children and suitable for rough terrain will be shipped to Myanmar in January 2015. The shipping costs are being covered by the Australia Myanmar Conolly Foundation.

Shelter Box is a project partner of Rotary International. They provide emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. So far they, internationally, they given 100,000+ families been given a shelter, responded to 200 natural disasters in 90 different countries.

In Myanmar, Shelter Box gave 2,294 boxes after Cyclone Nargis and 448 boxes were sent to Kachin State.

A vision screening & provision of glasses is being planned for the 1st to 3rd March 2015 at two orphanages and a monastic school located on the outskirts of Yangon. 

The Constitution Workshop project supported by 7 international academic, legislative and judicial entitities has held 3 workshops – May 2013 in Yangon, November 26-27 (Yangon), and November 29 in Naypyitaw. The intent is to examine constitutional reform issues from a wide range of perspectives, and to ensure stakeholder participation in future Workshops.


For these projects, the RCY is providing advice and logistic support.

A number of international Rotary Clubs have a long history of supporting Myanmar.  Here are a few that we are aware of so far.